Cheap2call calling service

Important notice: From 2020/03/20, Cheapcall service merges with Iwcall service, you can use up the credit in old cheap2call account and then please register new account on the same account management panel. (Also using the new access number listed on below)

 Cheap2call is a simple and easy to use calling servcie, you can use it to make international calls with extremely low price and high voice quality!

 Cheap2call can save you mass cost, for complete rates, please download the excel file below:

 cheap2call rates

 cheap2call rates

 How to use?

  Via binded phone number

 Cheap2call allows user to bind mobile number and landline number with a cheap2call account, then user can recharge Cheap2call account via internet bank instantly; when calling from your binded phone, your phone number will be recognized by the system and you will hear a message asking you to enter the number you wish to call plus #

      Local access number:021-80365419

      Call: Dial local access number -- International number#

      Check Balance: Dial local access number above -- *

          P.S.:If you call from local of Shanghai, please use only mobile to dail the access number

 img1.gifTips: You can setup fastdial, then you can call the setuped contact from your mobile directly!  For detail, please check here

 Step1: Click to creat Cheap2call account



 Step2: Click to recharge Cheap2call account  



  If you have no internet bank, you can pay via bank tranfer and fill the form to let us do it for you.


Pay via bank transfer 


 Customer service:

  Tel: +86 (0) 21 6226 4958

   Fax: +86 (0) 21 3604 0364



 Apply for agent:

 If you are interested to be agent of Cheap2call, please send your inquire to, not only you can use China2call in China, you can also use it worldwide, this enables you to do business in your local country, we provide local access number in your country for usage!